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Cats in some motherfuckin scarves I know it’s fall now

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if ur having a bad day please enjoy these puppies playing with their mom


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Dica de aniversário aí !!!! 

Because I want box of Night Furies for my birthday

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A husband and wife photography team are now so friendly with a family of wild beavers they let them take their portrait. Bettina and Christian Kutschenreiter have spent 10 years making regular visits to the beavers after they interrupted them taking pictures of kingfishers near the city of Rosenheim near Munich, Germany. And now they are able to get up close and personal as the animals recognise their voices when they come to visit.

Picture: Kutschenreiter/Arco/Solent News (via Pictures of the day: 1 October 2014 - Telegraph)

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when someone tells me to calm down when i’m talking about things i’m passionate about



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Controle-se mulher! Se você tomou uma decisão assim, não pode voltar atrás! Mantenha-se firme. Se não, por mais que você resolva ceder por causa dos outros, a indecisa, confusa e sem atitude será você!
Sua decisão já foi tomada, deixe o pau quebrar!

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I believe this is for the US only.

Support your local animal organization simply by walking your dog! Use the app each time you grab for the leash. It’s healthy for you, your dog, and your favorite shelter or rescue.

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This will make a lot more sense to people who have seen the movie. 

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I liked these guys the most from the movie~ Them and batista.

I would summarize Guardians of the Galaxy as people can’t do their jobs right but it works out anyways!

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Many species of insects and spiders have mastered the arts of camouflage and mimicry. These macro photographs, taken by Singaporean photographer Nicky Bay, show the extraordinary lengths that insects and spiders will go to look like something else or simply disappear from view.

Ladybird mimic spider (Paraplectana sp.), viewed from the rear. This spider is red with black spots, similar to the markings found on ladybirds…

Picture: Science Photo Library / Rex Features


…This form of mimicry, in which a harmless species evolves the features of a harmful species as a deterrent against predators is known as Batesian mimicry. True ladybirds are unpalatable to predators.

Picture: Science Photo Library / Rex Features

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Sheldon SuperSexyLee Cooper


Ui gamei ;*

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Nossa! MARAVILHOSO !!! =*

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